Specializing in African wildlife, Birds and the drama of nature.

Illustrated Talks


I have been presenting illustrated talks about Africa and the inspiration for my work for 10 years and in this time I have spoken to a variety of clubs, societies and organisations including Probus/ W.I.'s/ Art Clubs/ Ladies Groups and many more.

The slide show lasts between 45minutes - 1 hour, discussing and illustrating some of the exciting and interesting events I have witnessed which inspire my work. I also include slides of paintings that have resulted from these trips and the methods I use to achieve them.

Finally I spend 5-10 minutes answering questions.

I usually bring 1 or 2 originals with me and at the end of the Presentation I have a number of Limited Edition Prints for sale.

From Redhill WI
"The speaker, Ruth Baker Walton, showed us wonderful slides and paintings of Africa, which had been such an inspiration for her art, recalling the colours and patterns of the landscape and it's wildlife."
From The Port of Bristol Authority Retired Employees Assoc.,
"A unique presentation of African wildlife by a most talented artist, accompanied by a dialogue giving a very personal view of travelling in Africa."


A Brush with Africa

Portrait of Mara by Ruth Baker Walton


The Presentation "A Brush with Africa" travels through Kenya and begins with a brief history of how I became a wildlife artist and why I love to paint the birds and animals of that continent.

Other Talks available:-


"It's a Bird's Life"

Its A Birds Life Illustrated Talks by Ruth Baker Walton

Illustrated talk showing the variety of Africa's birds from the Big, the Beautiful to the Bizarre.

"Magic of the Okavango"

Magic of the Okavango Journey with Ruth Baker Walton Wildlife Artist

A journey through one of Africa's last remaining true wild places, a unique area of outstanding beauty.

"Charismatic Hunters of Africa"

Hunters of Africa by Ruth Baker Walton Award Winning Artist

Exploring the world of Africa's predators from the obvious to the unexpected.

"Rhythms of the Wild"

Rhythms of the Wild Nature explored in verse writen by Ruth Baker Walton

The beauty and drama of nature explored in verse.

Non-Illustrated Talks

Haunt of the Snow Leopard by Ruth Baker Walton

“The Inspiration behind the Art"
A talk exploring the inspiration for some of my paintings and the techniques used. Original work on view with
Q & A.

Lewa with wild rhino Mukorah Ruth Baker Walton

NEW for 2015

“Close Encounters of the Wild Kind.”
As the title suggests it relates the various exciting encounters I have had over the
years with wild animals.

For enquiries or to book a talk please email me.



Ruth Baker Walton Fellow & former President of the Wildlife Art Society International.